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Casey Kolderup @casey

The secret revenue model that no social network has been brave enough to try but will absolutely 100% work is one where users pay you every month not to change anything

@casey the trick is to get in early so you can decline them changing the price on you

@casey although then you don't have access to any actually-good features. hmm

@casey You joke, but the most common reaction to features at Flickr was “Change it back!”

@d @casey The older I get, the more predictable and entertaining this becomes.

@annika @d and really, coming here has really involved taking an honest inventory of how many new Twitter features I *did* come to take for granted despite not being present in 2009 😰

@casey @annika I haven’t missed Twitter even once since switching. I miss the hell out of _Tweetbot_, though.

@casey tbf tried this and failed miserably but also they launched during a more idealistic time

@vogon yeah, I 100% feel like I'd be more amenable to their pitch (but lest trusting that they could run it responsibly)