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Casey Kolderup @casey

For the late night crowd: I have my first *brand new* Mastodon bot. It's available at @animorphs and it generates book covers from the Animorphs series featuring all your favorite celebrities

@casey can I ask how you're doing the morph images?

@aparrish @casey the celebrities were given the power by an andalite (but they have to touch the animals first)

@xor @aparrish I found an old imagemagick script for doing morphing gifs and fiddled with it a bunch to make it look a little more like the books. Here’s the original

@casey Could you consider adding more horizontal space between the morphs so the middle ones can be better appreciated?

@SL128 yeah, I'm definitely still tweaking the curve the pictures get placed on. realizing just how much trigonometry I've forgotten!

@andygorman almost! the scheduled posting keeps breaking 😰 someday it will all be functional