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Since January I have been back on the GTD train thanks to an app I've used (to varying degrees) for 11 years as of this summer, Things (

It's been extremely satisfying and part of it has been establishing better daily habits and including even the low-hanging fruit from those habits into my todo list. I literally have a recurring item for "shower" in my list, which might seem kinda silly

Casey Kolderup @casey

but the fact of the matter is that now when I finish exercising, I take a shower, and when I get out of the shower, I open my list to check it off, and then I see that I need to do any remaining kitchen cleanup, and so on. Making the todo list an ever-present part of the loop keeps me going.

I don't have any real guilt in using the app's functionality to delay items if I can't do them on a certain day, but then having due dates set for the original date I was going to do them means that the next time they show up, there is a reminder of how long I've been putting it off, which makes me more likely to do it?

Trying to be more self-aware about what I need to do to feel "together" and recognizing that it might be different from someone else has been good for me, I think. It clashes with the rest of the world sometimes (I don't have a great system for coordinating my own personal tracking with the systems I have to use at work, for example) but it's a start.

@casey That's clever, I'd never thought about using easy to-do items to keep cycling back to the list.

@relsqui 👋 I'm glad that whatever (probably a legit security thing) was preventing me from refollowing people on after blowing away my database timed out and I can actually see the fediverse from here again!