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Casey Kolderup

This is a ~ matrix ~ on a product plan written by our PM on a project that I'm involved in at work (the rows are the work, then each of these roles has one or more people attached to them). I *love* this and would love to see it in advance of every project

I did actually jump the gun and do almost all of August's single player content when it came out tho so I guess I'm not TOO far behind

I *finally* finished the Kobolds & Catacombs solo dungeon run stuff. Now to play the solo stuff from, uh, the April 2018 expansion

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deals culture has gone too far

I don't actually know why more people aren't obsessed with Scales & Scoundrels. I love it so much

tfw you recommend some anime

I know a lot of smells but wow

I think so often about Charles Stross saying that he's incapable of writing near-future sci-fi novels because reality outpaces him too quickly

remember when we were all porting things to Scala

iOS 12 is truly operating on another level. why ride on a train when I can merely call into it

I hate to think of myself as a single-issue voter but there are some injustices in this world that must be righted

I normally have mixed feelings about bots after releasing them to the world but gosh I've been extremely happy with this one