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Casey Kolderup

about to go live with some hearthstone and music

This time of the afternoon is the Friday of Fridays

I... kind of want to stream this game soon

oh yeah I'm definitely hooked on Slay the Spire. Last night I fell asleep thinking of pulling the blankets up over myself as gaining block

youtube is on switch, and switch on youtube. but where am I

*slaps roof of your ex husbands back* this bad boy can fit so many knives in it

wait how did I get UNBLOCKED by

election day shrek reboot announcement

been looking at my spotify settings again and I'm confused why this stuff keeps showing up still

*slaps roof of outerspace* this bad boy can fit so many satellites in it

Finally sat down and played enough Slay the Spire to unlock Ironclad Ascension. I have a feeling this game is going to consume my life when it comes out on Switch.

Me: the buzzfeed news vertical absolutely publishes some of the most essential modern journalism
buzzfeed news 5 minutes later:

how did I make it all the way to daylight saving without realizing that it was happening

This is 100% anecdotal but it seems like shuffling a playlist on Youtube's web interface no longer has a bias towards the ~20 most recently added videos? I wonder if the smart TV/Apple TV/console app has the same change

It's wild how mad this is making people, as if the 3-5 sizes & forms of books we have are somehow religiously important

*serious newscaster voice* Jepsen's "Party for One" is the second chart-topping pop song about masturbation this year, following Clean Bandit & Demi Lovato's "Solo".