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Casey Kolderup

"Take seriously your responsibility as a listener. All of us, professionals and laymen alike, are forever striving to make our understanding of the art more profound. [...] Music can only really be alive when there are listeners who are really alive." -

Windows 10 is a completely normal operating system where every once in a while I have to go into the settings & disable/reenable my sound card in order to make the sound not be all covered in static

With Nethack Nights I spent 9 months making almost 50 episodes of something that I think is pretty fun and then I quit and felt bad about not doing it for over a year. why!!!

I think in 2019 I want to try making things that have self-contained ends that come in containers that are traditionally open-ended. a twitch stream that runs a set number of days, a newsletter that's fully written before the first one sends, etc

I don't know if it's a mindset that comes from living on Twitter for too long or whatever, but I'm realizing how many of my projects the last couple years have been open-ended commitments, with the unspoken understanding that I would just keep contributing to them until I die or I give up, and how unhappy it makes me to go through the process of slowly giving up

you’ve heard of detective pikachu, now get ready for

The latest bot-port is @businessman_exe! Thank you to @mw for fixing the API it depends on!

I had to take a picture of this license plate because I knew nobody would believe me

why does Hulu still not offer a "sick day" mode where you can pre-arrange a selection of TV series and then you hit play and it just starts showing you random episodes from all of those series

I'd get a therapist but I just know they'd find me insufferable

is it possible to become a meta-hypochondriac, where you have anxiety about becoming a hypochondriac

update: I was burgin, and now have burged. A+ would burg again

I'm really enjoying this album of piano music (Apple Music calls it "classical", which, okay) today.

call me murphy brown bc I'm burgin' something fierce today

more like defective pikachu. folks,

thinking about all the sandwiches that have been a part of my life

or not, OBS is fucked up. whoops!